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Guild Wars 2 Zodiac - WIP on going project. INPUT APPRECIATED!


Inspired from the Zoidac armor release and the Mouvelian Calender, I’ve decided to add an in character reference for the Zoidac for people to use. Feel free to add to, and use it in your own roleplay! It is in no way shape or form cannon, other then the use of the Mouvelian Calender, the elements of said calender, and the inspiration of the weapon skins vs our own world’s zodiac systems. 

Thus why, you will see Dragon put under ‘Earth’, because of it’s relationship to Dragon in Chinese zodiac, as ‘wood’. And so on, so forth! I also had to make an even amount, so there are two birds (the short bow, and long bow)- thus I went with the Dove and Phoenix. I was going to do two snake based ones as well (Sword, great sword), but I also wanted evenness- so I didn’t. SORRY.  This was all for fun too. In no way shape or form law. 

Also sorry for the lack of cool graphical things, I suck at those, you’re more then welcome to make either astrological symbols or whatever. u.u

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